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    Delivery Mode Options?


      Does anyone know what the Gamification "Delivery Mode" option settings do?  I can't find any documentation on the details and implications of each of the 3 settings.


      - Normal - I'm guessing "normal" is a good thing?

      - Queueing - Less good! 

      - Off


      any help is greatly appreciated!



      On-premise Jive

        • Re: Delivery Mode Options?
          • Normal = send activities as they happen to Bunchball
          • Queueing = don't send any activities to Bunchball, but keep all the user's actions in a backlog until Normal is turned on.  (Dangerous move if you have tons of users and you keep the instance in Queueing for more then a few hours)
          • Off = don't send anything to Bunchball.