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    How can I resent my invitation?


      Producteev is stating that an specific invitation to an email has already been sent but that person is not a member of the network.  The invitation does not appear under pending invitations.  The user in question does not have the original invitation.  It seems that we are stuck and unable to add a certain user to the network because he is not in there already, producteev claims the invitation has been sent, there is no pending invitation, and the user does not have an invitation in his email box.


      Can this be resolved?


      Thank you.

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          Hi David,


          Is the user you tried to invite called Arsen, Armond or Marya?

          If yes please ask them to check the spam folder. If the invite is not there they can create an account on Producteev.com with email address they have been invited on to join your network.


          If this user is not of those three can please send us its email address?


          Thank you,