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    Any Changes in Jive 6 for Bunchball Actions such as UserEvent-LOGGED-IN?

      I'm playing with a new report I created to analyze monthly trends in Bunchball actions, and one number jumped off the spreadsheet: logins dropped by about 50% in June compared to May and April.I took the number down to a per member and even per active member basis, and the huge drop is still there when I look at it that way, too.


      My first guess was seasonality, and I have not had Bunchball for a full year so I don't have past year data to compare. I don't see any significant changes in summer when I look at last year's CMR activity, though, and there is no similar drop in this year's June CMR activity, either. Seems really odd that logins would drop so drastically without some corresponding drop in activity.


      We did upgrade to Jive 6 on the last weekend of May, however, and my BOBJ reports for June are wacky now (e.g., June contributing members are suddenly about double May's and the average for the past year). Something about Jive's data certainly appears to have changed there. So I am wondering if there was some change with Jive 6 that affects how Bunchball records LOGIN data.


      Curtis Gross, Dan Katz, Josh Richau -- any ideas?