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    Using # to tag within a reply/comment


      If I use "#" to use an existing tag within a comment/reply to a discussion, why does that replied content not show up when searching by tag in the group's content?


      Can you use a tag in a reply/comment?!



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          Hey Alexis,


          You can use # to bring up existing tags in the community much like you do with users/content with @.


          Much like you did with using_hashtag to then link all content with that tag.


          Are you referring to filtering by content in the browse for content?




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              Thanks for your response Ben!


              So there is a group that exists within my community, and they are trying to track all content created by people individually. It is a competition, so whoever creates the most content wins. Every time someone creates a discussion or document, we have them use their last name as the tag. That way when the group owners search by tags within the group, they can easily find all the content created by individual people. We realized that a lot of people were creating content through previous posts of other people. These replies/comments were not being tagged (since you can't actual add a tag to a reply/comment), but we still want to generate a way to give them credit and have their content show up when searched. So, I figured in the body of their reply/comment, they could use #koplen (for example) to add it to their other tagged content within the group. But, when I did this as a test, and then searched for it within the group, it did not show up with the other discussions/documents created.


              I'm guessing that the # just guides you to other used content with that same tag word, but does not guide you to replies/comments?