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    Community Managers from Other Companies as a "Guest" in Your Advocate or Community Manager Webinars


      I'm working on an ongoing training program from Community Managers beyond our two standard lessons. It's more of a forum, a monthly sharing of best practices and discussion.

      I'd like to feature examples of community managers who've done something well (ie engagement, space design, content creation etc.) on every call according to a pre-defined schedule of topics.


      I think it'd be really neat to feature community managers from other companies who can give insight on what's worked in their Jive instance! Even for 15 minutes on one best practice that has been successful.


      Is anyone game for this? I am willing to share my calendar and work with any of you - in exchange for success stories that have worked for us at First American.



      • build credibility for us who promote Jive; 3rd party endorsement
      • contributes to a variety of success stories, more dynamic collection of use cases
      • can spark many other ideas amongst all of us internal community managers


      These are the topics I have so far, will feature once a month:


      Creating Compelling Content

      August 14th at 8:30 am Pacific

      It takes craft, creativity and consistency to create content that leaves an impression. Do you have what it takes?

      • What is valuable content?
      • How do I find time to create it?
      • How do I consistently publish appealing content?


      Evolve to Involve

      Ever wonder what the secret is to online engagement? Join to learn the many secrets. You may even have one to share.

      • Moderation 101
      • What motivates people to comment
      • How to get my members to talk when "they don't have time"

      September 10th, 1:00-2:00 pm Pacific


      Curb Appeal

      Learn where design meets usability and how to master the art of widgeting.

      • Useful widgets you've never heard of
      • Best practices on layout, images, formatting
      • Showcase of best-in-class communities from your peers

      October 21st, 11:00am-12:00 pm Pacific Time


      Health Check

      Measuring the health of your community is vital to its success!

      • Defining community goals
      • How to use Reports
      • Documenting the success stories
      • Important stats to grasp


      Collaboration (name TBD)

      Presenting the best of both worlds - Microsoft + [Jive instance]  - to collaborate on a whole new level.

      • Communicate and retrieve information faster through [Jive instance's] MS Outlook plugin
      • Edit, track changes and manage versions real-time through [Jive instance's] MS Office plugin
      • Store, track and discuss around important documents through [Jive instance's] MS SharePoint feature


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