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    REST WS access from client app on another server


      Does anybody know how to fetch a WADL for the api/cor/v3 services?  I am looking for this to use with the Apache CXF so I can generate a client application that runs on a different server and accesses the REST WS to update user profile info.


      Is there any documentation as to what the mgic URL is to retrieve a WADL from Jive?  Also it should include the schema grammar or a link to a separate schema description WADL.


      P.S.,  Is the something I have to run/configure on to allow external WS access?


      BTW: I have this running just fine with Jive but cannot find and usage documentation for Jive 6 and the new Core API RESTful WS and using it from Java.  I could hand code the classes and client application code but that is just not a real option.