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    Editing the overview page

      I found an "Overview" page I really like and am
      trying to mimic it (with a "Calendar" document/section, FAQ's
      section, collaborate header, etc. I went into the editing page for the Overview
      page with all of the edits but am not finding what I'm needing. And if I
      re-name them, how do I put content under each?


      Basically - how do I customize
      my overview page to have more than "Recent activity"? Thank you!

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          Hi Julie,


          I was looking into some information regarding this. Looking at your installation, I believe you're on Jive 5.0, so I've included the documentation on how to customize your community (Managing Spaces). Here you should be able to find some tips to work through the customization of your spaces.


          Hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know if I can further assist.



          Account Support

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              Thanks Nick!


              I’m trying to upload a document into this first section so there is a marketing calendar everyone can see……..can you help me to do that? I tried typing in the name of the document in the search field, but all it does is upload it under “Recent activity”


              I’m trying to place a visible document under the header “2013 Calendar & Marketing Initiatives”:




              I’m essentially wanting my overview page to look like this:

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                  Image labeled 002 is the format I like...Image 001 is what we currently have.

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                    Since your calendar is a document, you might be able to utilize the "View Document" Widget to accomplish this.


                    From your group's overview page, click on Customize > Overview Page


                    Then, in the Widgets section, select Content > View Document then "Drag to add" into the feed you'd like to add it.


                    Then, in the upper right of the widget, there is a small dropdown arrow. You can "Edit this Widget" there.


                    When you edit the widget, you can type in the document name, when it comes up in the spotlight search, make sure to select it, and then "save properties."


                    This should enable that document to be displayed on the overview page.


                    See screenshot below:



                    Give that a try and let me know if it meets your need?



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                        Yes but I needed to create teh document inside of Jive, didn't understand that portion - got it now!


                        Last question - why are the columns to all be the same width? I'm having trouble making it look nice.

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                            The columns, by default are Auto-width in order to flex with different screens/browsers.


                            That can be changed, though it's a little labor-intensive.


                            When you're creating your table, click on any cell, then select the Edit Icon, then Edit: Column

                            Document Edit.png

                            In the Edit Column dialogue box, you'll see an option to set the width of each column. This will also work for row sizing.


                            It might take a little bit of work in order to get it "Just so," but, this should be a workable solution for you.


                            Let me know if I can help in any way.