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    Thrive OnJive ideas


      I've been going through the thrive_on_jive and absolutely love not only the concept, but also the layout of Step 3 Find Resources.  In particular the scrolling threads for Content, Place, & People and would be interested in creating something similar for my community.


      So my questions are:


      Ryan Rutan what have you learned through this process - what worked and what didn't?  I know you mentioned in a previous thread that you don't have any formal documentation on how you created this, but do you have any resources you can point someone to who is interested in implementing a scrolling thread?  What types of data would you use for picking the recommendations?


      Then for the rest of the community - has anyone else created something similar?  If so, what worked?  what didn't?  If you had it to do over again in a perfect world - where would you start and what process would you use?