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    Do you load employee badge photos (or from some other DB) into your Jive environment?

    Kara Francis

      We are experiencing an issue going from 4.5 to 6 with our picture feed from our picture database, so now I am needing to evaluate whether to continue this approach.  We have two issues; 1) the photos migrated from production are cut off; and 2) we are having issues with our feed from our photo database.


      Our issue is that it appears that Jive has changed the orientation of images, so all of our profile images on the "People" tab are half cut off (we see their head, eyes and nose...).  So I need to decide if we pay to have this issue resolved or do we eliminate this feed all together and leave it up to employees to upload their own profile photo.


      I find it valuable to have pictures automatically added - especially for our non-adopters who would never go in and upload their own picture.  But I know that personally I hated my badge picture, so I changed mine relatively quickly, but some people will never go in at all.


      I'm curious what other companies do.  Do you load photos for your employees?  Or do you just leave it up to them?  What is your metric for % of employees with a photos uploaded, if you have employees do it themselves?


      In my former role/company, we left it up to the employee.  We had about 15% of employees upload their picture after 2 years of implementing, but we really didn't push it.  We did a few contests here and there, which helped.  We had higher overall adoption of the system, but not everyone uploaded a picture.  So I'm weary to eliminate this functionality, but am interested in your thoughts.