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    I have 2 questions regarding the Mac App and the Web browser version:

      1.  In the browser version I can sort by Active>Deadline>Ac which gives me the outstanding items but in the app version I can only sort by All>Deadline, which shows the earliest tasks at the bottom and the later tasks at the top so you have to scroll though the list to find the oldest outstanding tasks.  This does not make a great deal of sense.

      2.  Similarly in the browser version the most recent posts in the task details are at the top of the list, which is where they should be, but in the app version they are at the bottom so again you need to scroll through the list to get to the most recent post.  Not only does this not make any sense but, on a big list of posts, it is time consuming and extremely frustrating.


      The same comments apply to the iOS (mobile) version as well.