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    Best way to allow only certain individuals to view a SPACE?

      We're experimenting with a new space in our community, but only want certain people (must be a manager within the company) to be able to view the content there. We've primarily used "user overrides" for Community Manager access in other spaces, but need to find a way to create a new permission group that we can easily add people to on a regular basis.


      Has anyone done something like this before? What are the settings I should be working with? I assume it would be somewhere in the "People" --> "Management" --> and "Group Summary" section where one would add a new "group" of people (in our case, manager levels). BUT, it appears that I would have to add them one at a time by browsing.


      We are also considering making this new community a group because of the group-admin plugin so we can easily add people (as identified by username) in bulk. However, we don't necessarily want the mass of individuals to create content in this community, we just want them to have access to view it, which is why we think a "space" might better meet our needs.


      Any recommendations from those who have done something similar?