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    Downloading an Excel or Word file from Jive does not automatically trigger connection in Office?


      In doing some testing of the Jive for Microsoft Office plugin, we have noticed that the behavior seems to be inconsistent from Word to Excel.  The use case is as follows:


      1) One user creates an Excel or Word file and publishes it to a group in Jive

      2) Another user, rather than going into Excel or Word, going into the Jive plugin tab, and opening the file through there, instead chooses to download the Excel or Word file the regular way (by clicking on the link to the file from within the Jive group)


      If you were to open the file from the plugin tab within Excel, Excel would recognize the Jive document, the side editing panel would slide out, and you could see comments, metadata, and any other authors working on the file.  But if you download that file directly from Jive, it does not recognize that this is a Jive document.  No connection is made, the side panel does not slide out, and the options under the Jive tab are grayed out.  There seems to be no way of connecting the Excel file back to the Jive document at that point.


      In contrast, if you do the same thing with a Word document (download it directly from Jive, not open it from Word itself) it also does not automatically trigger the connection, but at least a message will pop up at the bottom of the Microsoft Window saying that the connection has been disabled and giving you an option to connect.  Once you do, the panel slides out, you can see other authors, etc.


      Is this an error that we are experiencing with our installation or is this how the plugin is expected to work?