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    Multiple Searches Earn Badge


      Is it possible to monitor the amount of searches in the Nitro Gamification Module? I know I can track a user's first search, but I'd like to give a badge to someone who searches, say 10 times--that way it becomes more of a habit to search before posting.



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          Hey Tracy,

          At the moment the answer is no, we are only tracking the first search a user does after the module goes live, but I am looking into if that can be changed for a future release. 

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              Did you guys fix the bug with that "first search" tracking? It was only counting it if it was the user's first search ever. Great for those who come in post-Bunchball, but unearnable for those who were active pre-Bunchball.

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                  Should work.  We set a property for the user only after the gamification module is activated along the lines of 'first search' which is set to 'false.'


                  So even if you have active users, they will earn the search badge when the property is set to true once the gamification module is live.  But, like I said above, I would rather this be set similar to all the other tracked actions and allow you to reward numbers of searches across time, etc.