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    Javascript error when commeting on message from email notification link


      We are testing a new Jive instance (Jive 6.0)


      A bug has been discovered by some users when getting email notifications for direct messages


      after opening the link provided in the email , and trying to post a comment asa  reply to the message on that specific window opened with that link by clicking on the comment button


      the comment button seems to be  idle and the comment is not posted


      For instance with IE 8 a javascript error is triggered in the background after clicking on the comment button



      Message: 'jive.loader.LoaderView' is null or not an object
      Line: 77
      Char: 485
      Code: 0




      on chrome there's this error which is reported on the javascript console :




      1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'LoaderView' of undefined 30f14ef84d498f3822561bcb0e0d3865.js:77
        1. jive.shared.FormWaitingView.$Class.extend.disableForm30f14ef84d498f3822561bcb0e0d3865.js:77
        2. disableForm30f14ef84d498f3822561bcb0e0d3865.js:85
        3. jive.Wall.CommentHelper.submitComment30f14ef84d498f3822561bcb0e0d3865.js:85
        4. (anonymous function)1157?et=notification.direct.message:1021
        5. b.event.dispatch99403fd0804a69abf1164039b9ead7d0.js:18
        6. bF.handle.bD




      Important : there are no problem or erros when commenting and replying to the same messages when accessing them directly from jive instance from the inbox

      so the issue is specific to the link provided by email which has the following pattern at the end




      could you please to suggest a fix , or a possible way to troubleshoot the problem knowing that  admin access is available