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    Truncated project dropdown list


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      When working with a lot of projects, a problem occurs where the project dropdown list in right column is truncated.  For example, I am a member of a network called "SMG" that has 100 projects.  Let say I put a task in project "Apples."  Now, I decided that this task was really for project "Zebras."  If I go to righthand column to edit the details of the project, I will find that the list is truncated after about 50 projects.  So the last project on my list alphabetically might be "Lemons" ...  So what do I want to move the task the project "Zebras" ??  Well, here is a workaround that works!  If I scroll all the way down to project "Lemons" at the bottom and put my task there.  Then the project list will give me the next alphabetically chunk of about 50 which will allow me to get to the bottom of the list now moving from "Lemons" to "Zebras."


      I would love to put up a video but I think the description is accurate enough for now.  There is some confidential information in our network that I don't want the whole world to have on a video. 


      Thank you for creating a wonderful product and making it better!


      Please attach any supporting materials, such as screenshots.