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    Watch-a-tag content not showing up in custom activity streams


      Background: I've created a Space that consists solely of a Watch-a-tag widget for our Announcements. Essentially, people can post their announcements to their own Groups and tag it with 'announcement' so that the content lives in the "right" spot but the community can follow the aggregated space.


      I've been setting up Sub-spaces within the main Space to allow for different categories (Events, Construction Updates, IT Notifications, etc.). The idea was that people could then set up custom activity streams and follow only the topics that interest them (you can't follow categories, hence the Sub-spaces).


      My problem: I set up an activity stream and place the Spaces I want to follow in there, but nothing is showing up in the stream. I can tag content with announcement and it shows up fine within the Space (i.e., if I navigate directly to it), but my activity stream for announcements is empty. Am I missing something obvious or is this working as designed?



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          Hi Dave,

          I think I need some clarification.


          You have your community (what version of Jive are you on btw?) let's call it X-com

          and you have sub spaces




          -->IT Notes


          On the main page (x-com) you have a watch a tag widget which is watching for the announcement tag (which may come out of any of these sub spaces.  That is working.

          I think that is all clear to me.  Here is where it gets a bit fuzzy:

          You are creating a new stream, and in that stream you are adding X-com, or are you adding Events, Construction and IT Notes?

          Or is it that the structure looks more like this:





          ------>IT Notes

          And you are watching Announcements in that stream?


          If it is the later, you will not see anything in the stream for Announcements because the content isn't owned by this container.  It's owned by the sub-spaces.

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