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    V2 API to get user info

      I'm trying to do some profile sync work and I'm using the following call to get users:


      https:://abc.d.com/api/core/v2/users?limit=1000 but i'm only getting 2 batches of 1000 and I think there should be a lot more users.  I know some are missing because my account isn't returned in the batch.  Am I using the right call?  Is there a way to see a total user count?   I ultimately need to get at the profile image for each user using some kind of update date check.  The image itself doesn't seem to have this, only the user profile itself so I have to

      1. Get all users

      2. For each user, get their profile (which contains modificationDate)

      3. For any modification dates after the last job run, get the profile image/avatar.


      Has anyone done anything like this?