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      Web, Chrome, Windows 8


      Bug Details

      Maybe not a bug, but I swear I was able to add labels, assign priority and responsibility, as well as set a deadline all using shortcodes as I add the task. The biggest issue for me is that I like to use @username to assign tasks right from the task bar, and for some reason, it doesn't seem to work like it did in old platform, and when it does, it appears to be adding people as a "follower" and not the assigned.  I haven't looked at the code at all, but it seems like the JS is hanging up on the auto-complete when I use the shortcodes expecting me to then select with a mouse or arrow down and tab. I just want to type @someone !tomorrow and hit enter and have it add the deadline and assign it. In the screen shot below, you can see where I typed '@Rose' and then the auto complete prompted me for Rose Wang, so I ten hit the "tab" key to use the auto complete, but when I submit the task, it doesn't convert that to the asigned. For the test task at the top, I entered '@rose wang (using auto-complete as before) this is a test !today #hootsuite', and it did correctly convert and add #today and #hootsuite without issue,  but as you can see it left @rose and only added her as a follower.  PS: I hated the change at first and stopped using Producteev for a couple months but just got really busy so I came back to give it another try and now I love it (minus the above functionality not working as I expect it).


      Please attach any supporting materials, such as screenshots.