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    Leaderboards and previously earned points


      Hi Folks,


      We're going to add leaderboards to several of our sub-communities, but we've run into a (hopefully easy to fix) snag. When we add a leaderboard to a sub-community, it doesn't calculate points previously earned by community members and associate them to the board. Basically, when we add in the leaderboard, everyone starts off with 0 points (their total points aren't reduced, the board just doesn't recognize any of their previous activity within the community) and only acknowledges points a user receives from that time forward.


      I'm afraid I'm not making much sense, so I'll add some screenshots.



      We added a leaderboard to our eServices community on 7/23/13 (starting with a small sub-community to test).

      Since Tuesday, there has only been a bit of activity, resulting in the leaderboard (1A) below.


      eServices Leaderboard.png

      However, if I view the 'Reports' tab within eServices, it displays the user leaderboard (1B) below.


      Report Leaderboard.png

      How can I get leaderboard 1A to display the points from 1B?


      Thank you!