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    MS OneNote integration


      I've got Jive Connects for Office which is working very well for Word and Excel but there is no menu item for OneNote, anyone got a solution for this please?




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          Hi, I am new, is it acceptable to bump?

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            We have a few people who like to write blog posts in OneNote prior to uploading into our Jive instance. I've coached them to use the OneNote "Send to Email" feature...and keep the Create By Email email address for their Jive group/space in their contacts.


            So now he write a blog post in OneNote, clicks on Send to Email, Selects the email address for a new blog in his selected group, and voila...you have "integration". At least in one direction.


            I suppose you could do the same for wiki pages and other things if you are using OneNote for meeting minutes type purposes. I think the one limitation is if you have multiple "boxes" in your OneNote page it emails as an image instead of as editable text. So beware of some of those idiosyncrasies.

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