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    Guidelines for group owners / moderators?


      I've found some guidelines posted here about establishing new groups, but I wonder if anyone has a good list of tips they are willing to share for new group owners / managers - people who will be playing the community manager role for one group within a larger online community. What are the essential things they need to know about their role and responsibilities?


      I'm looking for things that would apply on any social collaboration platform, not just Jive. This is for an online extra tip sheet to accompany my Social Collaboration for Dummies book. I'm down to the final phases of work on the manuscript, expecting marked up copy to come back from the editors within the week.

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          That's a harder one, David. In my experience, most people set up groups and expect them to run themselves. Even if yo explain to them what the role is, they tend not to follow through. Not sure if it is that they don't believe or don't take it seriously or think their group is different.


          I think Ted has described it as being a party planner. You need to encourage conversation, make introductions, step in and start or restart conversations when they flag, decorate the venue (i.e. spend time creating a landing page that works for your community, and change it up periodically), maybe have some party games (post a poll, or photos from an event, or ask a "fun" question to break the ice), help find answers to questions that are left unanswered.

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            This is what we publish for our group owners as they are looking to create a new group. I am sure 3 years ago I borrowed/stole/modified from someone else sharing theirs with me. But at the moment, I can't remember who and where that would have come from back then



            The Role of a Group Owner

            • Define group goals and objectives and makes sure it aligns with the company/dept/business unit goals
            • Serve as a liason between your members and the Enterprise Community Managers
            • Promotion of the group
            • Invite participation by encouraging members to contribute, by seeding conversations
            • Communicate use cases and success stories
            • Customize the arrangement of your community page, define setup requirements
            • Monitor activity and resolve/report inappropriate content
            • Evangelize collaboration within the organization
            • Respond to issues inside the group as they escalate up
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              I have a three-part class that I give to help people get started with groups, where I mostly go over items on Bryce's list, along with a demo of how to set up a group. In addition, I created a checklist to help people understand the kinds of tasks they can be doing on an ongoing basis to help manage the content and drive adoption for their group. I divided the tasks into three "buckets", based on how much time the person might have to spend on it-- we felt it was important to acknowledge that not everyone is allocated to working on their site, and may be doing it as a side of desk activity. The checklist looks like this:

              1. Good: “Keep the Site Tidy”

              If you’ve got limited time, spend a half an hour once a week managing the content on your site

              • Answer questions
              • Update old items
              • Delete old items
              • Move items that might be better suited elsewhere
              • Reach out to content owners if their content needs updating
              • Make sure all content is linked to categories (if using)
              • Monitor for inappropriate content


              2. Better: “Contribute and Engage”

              To keep your site fresh and to encourage use, spend about 1- 2 hours a week on these activities

              • Everything in the “Good” column, plus:
              • Contribute content, news, & discussions, to keep your site fresh
              • Use @mentions to pull a SME into discussions where you don’t know the answer
              • Encourage contributors to mark questions as correct or helpful, or award them yourself, or reward contributors with “likes” or ratings
              • Use the Featured Content widget to highlight items of interest for your audience & refresh often
              • Use announcements and blog posts to announce news to your audience


              3. Best: “Create Strategy and Cultivate Your Audience”

              Engage in activities to ensure adoption and longevity. Talk with your manager about putting these goals in your result objectives. [this is, of course, the bucket that we recommend everyone strive for. Also, I suspect some folks are going to dabble in all 3 buckets anyway.]

              • Everything in the “Good” and “Better” columns, plus:
              • Meet with your core team of Group Admins once a month to discuss goals for your site and strategy for adoption
              • Offer lunch and learns to your audience to make sure they understand how to use Jive and how to navigate your site
              • Cultivate your audience by holding activities for them in-person, outside of Jive, and use Jive as a mechanism for follow up after the activity (for example, a forum for project managers or a meet and greet)
              • Cultivate a broader audience by using @mentions to alert others of content within your group that they may find interesting
              • Engage your community in discussions by posing q’s, polls, etc. and use communications to keep the conversation going
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