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    Jive options for ISVs


      Hi there,


      we're currently integrating our solutions into Jive. Thanks to your support of open standards, this is no technical problem.


      Now that we have a sandboxed solution, we'd like to put it through our QA - we have already contacted the sales team via email but haven't received an answer so far.


      1) Option one: Hosted experience - how can we get our hands on a "real" hosted environment? The 30days trial that we have lacks the ability to install the Developer Console, custom widgets, etc. - our clients would go via custom app install and not the public apps market if they choose to surface our solution in Jive.


      2) Option two: On-premise - as an ISV, can we get an on-premise installation as our internal sandbox to test our applications (and test and install widgets) for our clients that choose to surface our solutions in their on-prem Jive?


      Thank you.