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    Is there a way to customize the left column on the homepage?


      Is there a way to customize the left column on the homepage?


      I would like to utilize the space below the menu items.






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          Yes you can. If your hosted or on-premise you can create a theme and override the /soy/welcome/welcome.soy file. Look for the template .homeSideNav and near the bottom you insert your custom code in between the Get Started and Powered by Jive sections.


          Here is sample code for the template .homeSideNav I've cut out sections to make it fit on screen but hopefully you will get the idea. See the CUSTOMIZATION: TOOLS LINKS section.


          * Renders a subnav bar for the browse sections.
          * @depends path=/resources/scripts/apps/home/home_nav_controller.js
          * @depends template=jive.invitation.inviteLink
          * @depends template=jive.try_jive.tryJiveLink
          * @param homeNavHelper properties for home nav
          * @param selectedLinkID The ID of the selected link.
          {template .homeSideNav}
              <ul id="j-home-side-nav" class="j-homenav">
                  {if not $homeNavHelper.partner}
                      {call .homeSideNavLink data="$homeNavHelper.dashboardLink"}
                          {param selected}{if $selectedLinkID == $homeNavHelper.dashboardLink.id}true{/if}{/param}
                          {param canPin: $homeNavHelper.canPin /}
                          {param pinned: ($homeNavHelper.canPin and $homeNavHelper.pinnedLinkID == $homeNavHelper.dashboardLink.id) /}
                          {param visible: $homeNavHelper.dashboardLink.visible /}
              {if $homeNavHelper.invitationLink and $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.visibleButNotToExternalContributors}
                  {call jive.invitation.inviteLink data="$homeNavHelper.invitationLink"}
                      {param containerId : $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.communityId/}
                      {param containerType : $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.communityObjectType/}
                      {param containerName : $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.communityName/}
                      {param allowUsers : false/}
                      {param maxInvite : $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.maxInvitationCount/}
                      {param invitePeriod : $homeNavHelper.invitationLink.invitationPeriodInHours/}
                      {param trackingID : 'sidebar' /}
              {elseif $homeNavHelper.tryJiveLink and $homeNavHelper.tryJiveLink.visible}
                  {call jive.try_jive.tryJiveLink data="$homeNavHelper.tryJiveLink"/}
              /* CUSTOMIZATION: TOOLS LINKS */
              <section id="custom-tools-links">
                  <ul class="j-rc5">
                      <li><a href="http://www.link1.com/">Link 1</a></li>
                      <li><a href="{buildUrl('/groups/ribbit-community-pad')}">Ribbit Help</a></li>
                  <footer><a href="#">View All Tools<span class="custom-ui-elem custom-icon-arrow"></span></a></footer>
              <!-- Powered by JIVE - mandated element  -->
              <div class="j-poweredby-activity" id="j-pbj-act" role='img' title='{i18nText('global.access.poweredby')}'>
                  // TODO: add "powered by Jive" in an i18n string (it's already visually hidden by CSS, but will read to screen readers and Google).