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    Video approach with Jive 6 support ending next September

    jmistretta Advanced

      As I've mentioned before, I love the videos that you've put together for users to become more familiar with Jive.With support for Jive 6 ending next September, is there an intention of updating these videos to include the newer (only slightly changed) Jive 7 screenshots?


      The reason I'm asking is because the UI changes ever so slightly with 7.  We are currently working on upgrading to Jive 6 and are considering just making the top navigation look like Jive 7 so when we upgrade there is really no immediate visual difference.  For customers that are going to either reference the Jive community where the videos are posted, or the training app, should we expect an update to the videos? 


      Is the approach that the slight navigational differences don't matter and videos will remain as is, or will they be "exact" based on Jive version?