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    Repeat views - conveying accurate metrics; telling the right story

    Kara Francis

      I am regularly trying to improve the story that I tell our current and prospective users as well as my senior leaders.  I find that metrics and analysis is a full-time job.


      One question that came up today was repeat visits to a given piece of content.


      A few questions:

      • When we look at the view count of a record, does this track each time it is clicked on rather than unique users viewing it?  (so if 10 of us visit it twice, the view count would be 20 or would it be 10?)
      • If the former, is there a metric that tells me how many of those views are from the same person?  And what story does that metric tell us?  It's hard to know the reason for the repeat view.
        • I could come back because the content helped me the last time I read it
        • If I'm the author, I may come back to perform an action (move, edit, feature it, etc.)
        • I could come back because there are new comments to read
        • Probably other scenarios of why I'm returning
      • Are any metrics captured if people are "viewing" the content from the overview page?  So they see the update there and never actually visit the record itself  (this question actually applies to view counts in general and not just repeat views)