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    Content and Activity in CMR


      We just got CMR working in our production instance (5.02) and I noticed that it only shows the following content types: Documents, Discussions, Blog posts, Polls, Ideas, and Videos.


      I assume that it does not count photos and photo albums nor events.  If these content types aren't counted, does that mean any activity (viewing and commenting) on these content types in this group or space are not recorded as well?




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          Hi Christine - in 5.0 (and 6.0) those content types are managed by plugins purchased from PS and as such are considered "custom content types". While they are not reflected in CMR I do believe the activity that happens on them is sent to the analytics DB - so you would have to use that database for reporting on those custom items.


          As far as what is counted, I don't think their activity would be rolled up (but I don't have ready access to a 5.0 instance with those plugins in it in order to check)

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              Well, that leaves two questions.


              1. I want to be sure i understand the activity and how these custom content types impact the activity as well as the user adoption reports that are reported in CMR. It sounds like these numbers would not be counted when using these plugins, i.e. that users who comment on a photo album or event won't be counted in the user adoption report nor will their activity be captured. Is that correct?


              We'll be upgrading to 6 soon, so understanding the behavior in that environment is helpful.


              2. We can look at the activities DB, but we won't have access to BOBJ after September so I'm not sure how we'll report on those custom types. It sounded like Resonata wasn't quite ready for consumption yet.

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              Thanks Josh for the clarification. I am still a newbie and will be asking a few more questions until I become a Jive ninja.