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    Use of metadata to trigger actions on a particular document

      I am new to the Bunchball admin module, we are working on the UAT to design our program to move it to the Prod instance.  I need our users to download (or just read) a specific document in order to progress in a mission.


      After reading the admin module directions here Jive Gamification Module: Admin Documentation I have been unsuccessful in triggering the event.  Can someone help identify what I might be doing wrong?


      Community   .com/groups/gamification

      document      com/docs/DOC-4432


      The metadata I have tried

      containerType:700, containerID:1510      didn't work    

      DOC:4432      didn't work    

      type:document, DOC:4432      didn't work    

      type:document, id:4432      didn't work    


      Thanks in advance