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    Calling Admin Essentials Plug in Users


      Hi All,


      I'm the app dev manager for our Jive installation, and we are looking at installing the Admin Essentials plug in.  I have a couple of questions for those of you who use it.


      1. How do you like it, are you glad you are using it?

      2. Have you ever run into any supportability issues with it?




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          Hi Tony,

          We use it on a 6.0.1 hosted install.  It's not part of any regular process for making updates, just used from time to time.

          We are certainly glad to have the tool though and have not run into any support issues with it.

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            Hi Tony,


            We just recently added it. I've been thinking about it for a long time, but since there is no other way to edit the URL for a group, we finally had our hand forced.


            Since we haven't been using it that long, I can't speak to support for this specific plug-in. However, I can tell you that Ryan is great, even to the point of calling me direct when I was having trouble with another of his plug-ins. I don't expect you'll have issues that can't be resolved quickly.