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    add hyperlinks with custom url-schemes in jive document


      Hello all,


      For urgent buisness need , We would like to be able to add hyperlinks with custom or non standard url-schemes in jive document,  such url which loads iphone apps let's say tel:/  or also other protocols urls such us mms:// etc


      unfortunately , this is not allowed by default in jive since whenever the link is different for the one allowed http or https or ftp , jive adds the url of the jive instance and consider it to be internal jive url



      changing the filters & macros settings specifically  the URLFilter and HTML Filter wichi include allowed url-schemes does'nt seem to be taken into account even if apply those filter settings at the level of the space which contains the edit document

      also the IphoneLinkFilter is empty and does not include any parameters to be changed


      the jive documentation regarding the Filters & Macros settings  is merely an overview ,   


      so does anybody have a solution , workaroud , or a way to make those settings work

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          Hi Hazem,

          I've been having the same issue as well.  I continue to work on it, but have not found an appropriate solution in the case of documents.


          Is there a possibility that an HTML widget could be used instead?  Seems to be a good deal more flexible for this sort of thing, not to mention admin controllable rather than out in the open where it can be manipulated.

          For instance you can reduce the barriers around javascript usage and iframes using html.widget.safemode.enabled and html.widget.strip.javascript system properties, as explained in the Undocumented Jive System Properties Reference.

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              Hi Roguen ,


              thanks for the answer ,


              Although the HTML widget may be an interesting workaround, but actually in the instance i'm working on wouldn't be appropriate since will impact already available content ,  i'm interesting how could we change the default behaviour through the filters which already include options regarding the url-scheme , but the way i applied them was not taken into account


              i appreciate if you tried other possibles fixes for the same problem with the existing jive document RTE editor


              thanks in advance