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    Gartner Says the Vast Majority of Social Collaboration Initiatives Fail Due to Lack of Purpose

      Although social technologies are employed by 70 percent of organizations, Gartner, Inc. said most social collaboration initiatives fail because they follow a worst practice approach of "provide and pray", leading to a 10 percent success rate. 

      "Without a well-crafted and compelling purpose, most social media initiatives will fail to deliver business value," said Anthony Bradley, group vice president at Gartner. "This provide and pray approach provides access to a social collaboration technology and prays something comes good of it, like a community forming and participants' interactions naturally delivering business value. As a result, this approach sees a 10 percent success rate, and the underlying reason is usually that the organization did not provide a compelling cause around which a community could form and be motivated to provide their time and knowledge. In other words, purpose was lacking." 

      One more time:
      1. Select a use Case connected to the Customer Business Initiative
      2. Define the Success metrics
      3. Find the Right Sponsor

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