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    Moving Away From Newsletter to Something Community Based


      We are looking to get away from a periodic emailed newsletter to something within the Jive community platform and I wonder if any of you have done this or considered it?


      I'd love your thoughts and/or opinions.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Our PR department is transitioning away from the emailed monthly newsletter to posting the stories in a single social group. Each story is published as its own document and use the formatted text widget on the overview page to show the stories of the month. Looks like a table of contents, usually with the first paragraph and a hyperlinked "read more” that takes you to the doc/full story and a thumbnail image for each story. (Greyed out the text in the example.)



          They also have an "archive” formatted text widget which links to a document showing the table of contents for each month. Hope that makes sense!

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            We have done this in three instances, all with a similar model for publishing, organization, etc....using a space. I can't share screenshots due to the content on them...but basically each story is a blog post...and we use "watch a tag" to display posts on different topics on the overview page...as well as the "Featured Story" displayed with full text.


            We also have a widget for "this issues stories" as well as one for "archived / historic stories".


            For newsletters with multiple contributors from different areas, we created a private sub space for the authors to share their stories, and then once ready the owner of the newsletter moves those into the open primary space all at once. And then she still sends an email once a week to the targeted audience with a link to the space and a list of the titles of the newly published stories.

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              As much as possible we try to use our Jive instance to reduce, if not eliminate emails.  So, like Megan's response, we utilize our Jive instance to communicate items in a similar way.  Overall, I would say we have the following:


              1. News from our leaders on the Overview (as a landing page) - this is three snippets of blogs by various leaders with a link to follow to the actual blog

              2. Many spaces (and some groups) use either a View Document widget or write articles in Formatted Text widgets

                   a. View Document is especially nice because it is so versatile; access to a document is easier to manage than to a space

              3. In some instances there is a need for an outreach beyond that of our instance in which a combined approach is used

                   a. an article is written (blog, etc.) and then it is provided (in whole or in part) in an email that is sent (many times outside the normal audience of our instance)

                   b. sometimes an e-card is created and sent via email to draw quick interest and point directly to communication information in our instance


              In my opinion, you have to figure out what works for your audience and for your communicators.  I think we're still at a point where we're trying to do that but so far these methods are working to gain the most attention.

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                In our Americas region we got rid of all location based newsletters - for example my campus (I'm virtual but very close and involved with the campus) a bi-montly newsletter called News2Use which had campus events, etc.  It successfully migrated into an existing Jive group.  Events are still well attended & actually for some people they are more aware of what's going on than before. Also for those hosting events it's a lot less hassle to align to newsletter timing, is there too much stuff in one issue, etc.


                The group had been existing with a few conversations like where to take clients for dinner, etc.  Key campus information updated/copied into docs (this info was on a website no one still employed knew anything about).

                The blog was set as the new place for events & announcements.  You still need someone from the campus to approve these posts (it's by the honor/system & teaching - nothing custom or automated).

                Anything else you want to ask or share that's not a big campus wide thing like follow-up stories on events, a service anniversary party, etc. can do in the documents, polls, and discussions without approval.


                Then I created a guide to following along either to the blog (closest to getting the newsletter) by Tracking or Email OR following the whole group by Tracking or Email.  Each section of the guide gives the pros/cons of each approach so people could knowledgeably choose what was right for them.

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                  We've had a similar conversation numerous times (usually each month as we're compiling the monthly email newsletter) and have come back to the fact that while it will inevitably come to that point, it's smarter to take a gradual approach of including more more more teasers that lead to our social community rather than a wholesale switch. I think as we see our community engagement and participation numbers grow to a bit more of a critical mass, then the sheer gravity of the scenario will pull us in that direction. Both our global/regional employees and younger employees are already expecting the latest info to be available within our community, so the traditional email newsletter is still a great tool we have to slowly but surely bring over those who may be hesitant.

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                    Thanks everyone, this is very helpful.