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    JavaScript in FTL templates


      I have a plugin for Jive 6 that renders its own edit widget properties page. The template loads fine but anything inside these tags for javascript does not:



      Is there anything that would prevent the javascript from loading on the page? JS loads fine in a similar plugin and I just can't understand why it wouldn't for this one.


      If you're curious, I'm loading a couple dwr files and hiding some nav options to start:

      <@resource.dwr file="DeleteContent" />
      <@resource.dwr file="ReorderContent" />
          $j(document).ready(function() {
          function setArrows() {
          $j('a#lowerContent, a#raiseContent').show();
          $j("#lowerContent", ".featured-admin-table tbody > :first").hide();
          $j("#raiseContent", ".featured-admin-table tbody > :last").hide();


      But no JS will load here what-so-ever, its all getting filtered. Thanks for any suggestions!