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    RSS App and Saved Search App--Can they be widgets on a homepage?


      I feel like I should be able to figure this out myself, but I wasn't able to put the RSS app and Saved Search apps in on the homepage of a group, and the brief description in the Apps Market makes it seem like you can do that.


      apps widgets.png


      However, when I go to edit my Overview page, I can't figure out how to put either of these in as widgets.  In fact, I still have both the regular RSS subscription widget and the Watch a Tag widgets, so they haven't been replaced.  Is there something very obvious that I'm missing?  (Probably)


      On a related note, I'm finding it very difficult to find information or instructions about the apps in this community or in the documentation.  Even a list somewhere with all the currently approved apps would be helpful--we wasted a lot of time looking at Rypple only to find out it was being discontinued by Jive (yet it's still available in our apps market).  Our IT governance processes require that we vet each app individually and it's hard to do that with just the very small amount of information in the Apps market.  Is there a treasure trove of apps resources somewhere in the community that someone could point me to?