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    Tracking activity


      I'm in the early stages of launching our external community and am wondering if others have had these same challenges and, if so, how have you overcome these?


      • I can't delineate between my activity in setting up the site versus the small number of early users. Have you found a way to look at the management repors and filter out your activity? Without that, it's hard to figure out the "real" activity
      • How do you track the activity on any particular piece of content? We have a video that we want to post, but we want to track who has viewed it...the specific user and when, not just the aggregate number of views.


      Any help is sooooo appreciated!




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          Hi Roger,

          Perhaps something like Google Analytics might help here.  The admin console allows for a very simple and straightforward means of setting it up: Admin>System>Settings>3rd Party Analytics


          In latest versions there is an impact analysis for native documents which is also useful, but I don't think that will apply to your video content.

          As far as community manager reports go. The graphs themselves are pretty high level, but you can export to CSV when you go to the content tab Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 7.24.11 AM.png

          Download this and you'll get individual content authors, views, likes, revisions etc.  Basically everything that flows into the impact analysis without the actual analysis.  You should be able to create your own dashboard.


          Finally, if you have bunchball, it includes a separate analytic dashboard of it's own that reports on the specific behaviors that you've set up.  Using metatags you would be able to get very specific about things you're looking for.