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    Moved to LA, looking for a job...


      Hello Jive Internal Community Managers!


      I'm so excited to be in LA (finally)!  It's been a few months in the making.  Now that I'm settling in, I'm focusing on job searching and I thought the Jive Community would be a great place to start.  I have 4+ years working with Jive as an Enterprise Social Collaboration Strategist/Internal Community Manager. I'm passionate about community and I'm looking to help others change the way they work.


      My experience includes: writing the business case to obtain funding for the community, project management for the implementation of Jive - as well as version upgrades, creating and aligning community goals to overall business objectives, educating and training all levels of employees - including the senior executives, analyzing and reporting community data to stakeholders, among many other things.


      Here's an excerpt from a reference letter from my manager at Cricket.

      "Leigh is a passionate and dedicated evangelist for social business who wore many hats at Cricket – and they were all a perfect fit. She spent countless hours as an advocate and educator, helping everyone from the CEO to store representatives understand how social business could help us achieve our goals. She was equally comfortable working with the IT and technology teams to understand the inner workings of our social business platform and translate it to those of us whose technical expertise ends at, “Can someone call the help desk?” Equally importantly, she articulated our goals and objectives for MyCricketNation to Cricket’s leaders, key stakeholders and the Jive and technology teams, helping to drive alignment across the business.


      Leigh’s resume details the key role she played in conceiving, launching and growing MyCricketNation. But what her resume can’t tell you is that she did it with creativity, passion, a serious sense of humor and a strong drive to deliver what the business needed – not just what it wanted. In this way, she was a both a skilled listener who understood business imperatives and requirements, and a fearless advocate for the potential of MyCricketNation to meet them. Over and over again, she drove consensus among executives and stakeholders with differing agendas, attitudes and understanding of the power of social business."


      I'm open to all employment options: full-time and part-time, consulting...anything. Please feel free to message or email me for more details: leigh.gordon@gmail.com


      Thanks and I appreciate any leads!