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    Do you feel the resource strain of being a community manager in a large org?


      I know I do.

      Some key findings from The Community Roundtable's State of Community Management 2013...


      1. Demystifying the myth of the 90-9-1 rule and the impact of community management on community performance.
      2. The factors, such as the amount of cross-functional interaction and size of community teams that is putting a resource strain on community managers, particularly in large organizations.
      3. Which community management practices and processes are standardizing.

      Curious if JiveWorld13 will be speaking about any of these for Internal CMs...I'd be interested in a discussion in all three topics.

      Tara Panu

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          Yes, especially considering Jive is still relatively new and finding savvy people may not be an easy task versus more established systems like SharePoint.

          The 90-9-1 rule is interesting to bring up because I think the structure of Jive makes breaking that rule easy.

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              Completely agree. It can be challenging when employees want to hold meetings to discuss every detail or print copies for their presentations and not have it available in Jive. I often feel pulled back or slowed down with the things I want to do because of the nature of "how we do things." This is where I want to grow in my disconnect...empathetically empower users to have quick wins while not feeling anxious about all the work we can actually get done "if we did it this way."


              I feel like there is an art to culture transformation that we could be talking about more...


              Thyda Nhek - what are your thoughts?

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                  Jeffrey Murnan

                  I can totally relate.  Working at a very large company, there are a lot of people who say "well this is how we have always done it."  I have struggled at times with how exactly to break through that mindset.


                  Here are a few things I've tried (with varying degrees of success):

                  1. Find a really quick win use case: one of my favorites is using a Jive document + table to pull inputs from many people.  Example: the team is meeting for an in-person workout, let's all put our travel itineraries and cell numbers so we can coordinate rental cars and logistics.  Everyone on the team edits the document on their own time and nobody is left with the thankless job of consolidating many versions
                  2. Locate those models and promote their contributions publicly: there is something very powerful about seeing someone you know get recognition for something.  Many employees have a competitive streak and will want that recognition as well
                  3. Patience, patience, and more patience: some people are far more resistant to change than others.  It takes time and some may never come around.  I take solace in the fact that more millennials are joining the workplace in key roles and they will be demanding tools like Jive


                  I will be speaking at JiveWorld13 about this topic and how we handled it at GE, would love to chat with you more on this!

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                I'm not sure if this is what you have in mind, but I'm one of two Community Managers for our global organization (12,000+ users) and we both have System Admin access.  We have a team located in another geography who are the "real" system admins and run the tickets, upgrades, technical stuff.  Our access level is elevated so we can create groups/spaces and do system admin work in the event that team is not available.  From that perspective, I don't feel any strain.  Our guys do a good job of making sure the system is running and our access let's us jump in when we need to.


                The resource strain I feel though, is around my effectiveness and reach as a Community Manager.  Because our instance IS global, we can't be in the room with other geographies so it's difficult to convey information and enthusiasm.  I know we need to develop a better advocate layer, but are struggling with that.  Finding people who  have the interest AND time to devote to it is difficult. 


                I've worked in smaller organizations and promoting new tools was definitely easier, partly because users/advocates were more accessible.