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    Discoverability of replies to Share in the Inbox?


      Let me know if this is the wrong group for this, but I figured some of you may have had to deal with this item.


      The topic: Enabling Share.


      The problem: Legal e-Discovery


      We have Private Messages/Direct Messages disabled because it is duplicative with our internal email system and not easy to "discover" content through search in the event of litigation e-discovery need.


      Most other private content types (even Private Discussions) are searchable with Full Access through the search engine. But with a few quick tests, it seems that replies in the Inbox to Shared items work much like Direct Messages, where an admin with Full Access running a search for discovery purposes would not be able to see that conversation, thus making some activity non-discoverable.


      Granted, with most default email settings, those interactions are going to generate email notifications, which our email based discovery software would pick up. But in the event that people have their email notifications for Inbox/Direct Interactions disabled, these "conversations" become unfindable by an e-discovery person.


      Has anyone else dealt with this? Thought about it? Had to disable Share due to such a consideration?


      It's a feature I'd really like to take advantage of, but trying to weigh the options given the above considerations.



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          Jeffrey Murnan

          Hey Bryce Williams -- we have an internal and external environment so I'll give you my perspective on the Share button for both use cases:


          • Internal: we decided to leave it on because a lot of people have liked using the feature.  We don't spend a lot of time with e-discovery so it's not a huge deal.  To be honest, I much prefer @mentioning people in either the body of the content or the comments section.  This achieves the same notification goal and also makes it visible to others
          • External: we disabled this feature because we cannot see the replies to shares AND the share button creates a PDF version if it is shared externally.  Our security team felt like it was a little too risky to allow content to leave the community that easily
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              Hi Jeffrey (Jeffrey Murnan),


              Regarding part of your second bullet:

              External: we disabled this feature because we cannot see the replies to shares

              Why can't you?  Shares show up in my inbox.  Maybe your admin has this disabled? (I mean before they disabled shares altogether)


              It's kind of weird, but you (or at least we) have a record of replies to shares, but there is no record created when you share something with someone.  I would like to be able to see what all I've shared with someone in case I want to follow up with them.