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    Sort order - secondary

      Hi, I have started to move from Remember the Milk (RTM) to Producteev as I like the direction it's going.


      The one thing that I am finding hard to accept and is turning into a bit of a showstopper is the sort ordering of tasks. When sorted by Deadline, tasks with the same deadline date appear to have no defined order, similarly when sorted by Priority tasks with the same priority aren't ordered in a sensible fashion either. When you have a large number of tasks, say an overview of all my projects and operational tasks I can't see what needs to be done when and in what order.


      On RTM deadline would have priority as a secondary order and vice versa. Can this be implemented or at least can it choose the previous sort criteria as secondary when resorting as Excel, or any other spreadsheet software, will do.




      P.S. Apart from that it's looking really good. !