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    Inability to make our internal support cases public = Jive community value suffers


      Hi.  A while ago, we could share our internal support cases (and more importantly, their solutions!) publicly by clicking a "Make Public" button.  That went away and now to make a case public it has to be moved out of our group to another space altogether.  We can't do this because we would easily lose track of our cases in the sea of other public support cases.  Having it stay within our Jive group, but tagged as public was much more useful because we could both track out own issues and share the solutions with others.


      There are various related issues here on the supportal that support the idea of making it easier to share cases publicly:


      Because of this change, there are fewer cases shared publicly, which means our ability to find answers on the supportal suffers, as it does for all your customers.  This makes the supportal less valuable and causes more work for your support staff, answering the same questions multiple times.  Jive is not making good use of its collaboration platform, perhaps exposing its lack of understanding about the nature of collaboration.  Not a good thing since collaboration is its core function.


      Can this ability to mark a case public while leaving it in its current container be re-introduced?  Or maybe there could be an easy way to copy the case to a public Support space, but leave the original in its current container?


      Please bring this ability to share solutions back.  Thanks.