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    Do any of you use the Community Everywhere feature?

    Kara Francis

      I did a search and only found a few posts, but none provided a clear view of what this feature entails and how to get it to work.  If there is a post out there that already answers this, please share it.


      Does anyone have this enabled?  I am in the admin console and viewing the settings page, but I'm not 100% sure how to handle this (I'm 0% sure how to handle this)

      • Restrict referrrers to  - what does this mean?
      • System User - who is this supposed to be?
      • I see a unique key, then two blocks of code.  How do we actually take that info and apply it to our other site?  I am not a huge HTML expert, so I'm not sure how to then place the code on another web site.  What are the steps to do that?


      It appears to be a valuable tool, allowing you to easily discuss something that you find in another system.  It appears to be similar to the Jive anywhere plug-in, but I'm not sure.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I agree this sounds like it should be a really useful feature, but I don't think the implementation actually works how you would expect - that was back in version 4 though when I last looked at it.


          I wanted to put it on the product pages of our site for people to discuss, but when you look into it you need to create a code snippet up front for every discussion link - this meant creating many thousands of links, one for each product which was completely unmanageable.


          From the name it ‘sounds' like you should be able to create one code snippet to use all over your site and allow people to create new threads dynamically based on say a product ID you could pass in - something very easy to generate on your other site.


          You would want to ‘restrict referrers' to be your site(s) where you apply the community everywhere link. Otherwise anyone could potentially post from their site into your community.


          I'm not sure what the meaning of a system user is here.


          Maybe someone from Jive could comment on whether I've described this correctly - I did just notice there is the ability to put a meta tag on the calling page with a title - so if this was different on different pages (i.e product 1, product 2), would it start a new thread?


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              I'm with Martin on this.  We had a look at this for a need we had, but it didn't really fit the bill from a management perspective.  You do need to create a separate code snippet for each discussion which can then be put on a page outside of Jive to bring those conversations "in".



              I'm looking at this one: Documentation : Using Community Everywhere

              The restrict referrers is as Martin states:

              You can optionally choose to limit the sites that embed discussions by entering a comma-delimited list of referrers that should be allowed to embed discussions. Each of the referrer values must begin with http:// or https://.

              For question 2, can you provide a link to the document you're referencing?  This may be the answer:

              You can also specify a user who will be used as the author of the threads that are generated by your content (note that users of your application will only be able to create replies / messages to threads which are generated automatically by Community Everywhere).


              and for question 3:

              After you've completed the configuration steps mentioned above, you're ready to embed the Community Everywhere feature into your content. As described above, you can simply cut and paste the <script> tag in the text box into your page. As an example, let's say you had an article extoling the virtues of Widget Foo on your site:

              <p> Widget Foo is the greatest tool on the planet. You should buy one now. </p>

              and you wanted to include a discussion form and replies below your content. You would go the admin console, enable Community Everywhere, choose the content and display options you wanted and click the "Generate New Key" button. You would then copy and paste the <script> tag into your content so that the end result would look something like this:

              <p> Widget Foo is the greatest tool on the planet. You should buy one now. </p>  <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://our-community/everywhere/1801?community=2003&key=TGFu9V"> </script>

              Here is more recent documentation for 6.0, though I found the previous more helpful to the answers you had:

              Jive 6.0 Community Administrator Documentation