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    Problem inviting user to join Jive

      I'm trying to invite a user to join our Jive community. She's not receiving the invites (we've checked the spam folder; nothing there). When I try to create a new user and assign her a password, it fails and returns an error (see screen grab below -- I did supply a password, but it returns with the password fields blank and an error message.


      There is a complication here: At one point, I'd deactivated this user. When I tried to reactivate her, it wouldn't take. It kept returning her to a deactivated state. So I deleted her entirely to try to get her back in the community. That's when the cycle of issuing invites that aren't received began. Then I started trying to just sign her up myself using admin --> people --> create user. That failed, too.


      Any idea how to resolve this? I'm not seeing the problem with other users. I just reactivated another woman a while ago and it seemed to work fine.



      Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 1.35.48 PM.png