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    Sort making breaks in webapp

      Web app is presenting "breaks" for every diferent instance according to the sorting selection, so if you sort by priority, the app is presenting the tasks in order, but making breaks for every priority, this makes the list of tasks longer and confusing, can you fix this bug please?

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          Many of us see this is a feature, not a bug. Not only did it exist in the "golden age" of producteev (meaning in the legacy, pre-update version), but it's also something that we have requested, voted on, and waited for. Without those visual breaks it is extremely difficult to get your bearings when you have long lists of tasks.

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              Well, not a feature for me, cause that is why priorities have different colors, those colors help you mentally separate what is more important from what is less important, breaks only confuse visually and take space. I don't need breaks to visually separate...I insist, that that is why priorities have colors. One of the most important features that separates Producteev from Wunderlist is how both manage priorities....Wunderlist is binary, high or none .....Producteev has 6 priorities!! lets take advantage of that. Because if I have breaks, then I would sort by creator, so I can view a cleaner look of my tasks instead of a list "broken" by rows....and if I don't sort by priorities, why on Earth am I using Producteev???

              Now, if you and those who voted, (nobody asked me) think this is extremely helpful...ok, why don't you add a functionality to turn on/off breaks, and then we will all be happy.