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    Question on how to search all ForumThreads in the entire community. Jive 6


      In particular I just need to search the subject field for a given string. Here is what I have now, however it always returns an empty collection:


        private Iterable<JiveObject> queryCases(String searchString) {

             JiveContext jiveContext = JiveApplication.getContext();

             SearchQueryManager manager = jiveContext.getSearchQueryManager();

             EntityDescriptor entDescriptor = new EntityDescriptor(jiveContext.getCommunityManager().getRootCommunity());

             SearchQueryCriteriaBuilder builder = new SearchQueryCriteriaBuilder(searchString);



             try {


             } catch (UserNotFoundException e) {

                  log.error("EB-ERROR: Case search failed. Case Default user not specified.");  


             HashSet<EntityDescriptor> containers = new HashSet<EntityDescriptor>();




             SearchResult results = manager.executeQuery(manager.prepareCriteria(builder.build()));

             return results.results();



      Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated, I am not finding much documentation on this process.