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    E-mail Notification - Translation setting


      Dear Jive Community! We have a problem with the translation of a notification mail, which is beeing send out that says: "Sie haben ein neues Aktionselement verschickt" which is a completely wrong translation,because it is set as a default message,when someone has a new "follower" .It should say : someone send you a relation request . Where can I edit the translation of the E-Mail Notification setting in Jive 6?

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          Hi Celia,

          Absolutely you can!  We heard the same thing from our international users on several default translations as well.  Wish I have a complete list of everywhere we found them but we fix as they show up.


          To change an email template translation, in the admin console go to

          Admin>System>Settings>Message Templates

          Find the template that corresponds to your message.  Sounds like yours is: User Relationship Creation Notification

          Click the edit button on the right

          Use the dropdown at the top to select your language and then edit the message.

          Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 7.43.42 AM.png

          Obviously there is a little bit of skill required here to edit the translation without removing the dynamic values that get pulled into the email, so be sure to test in a staging enviroment before you promote to production!


          When a template is incorrect and errors out, your users will not receive a message at all.  You can determine exactly what went wrong by looking at your community logs, but again this takes some experience, you need to know what to look for.  Bottom line is, test test test.


          Also notable is that languages roll up.  If I was a user who selected Spanish (Chile) as my locale an there was not a translation for this, then it will look up to Spanish.  If Spanish does not exist, then it looks to English.