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    Re-assign/merge producteev account

      Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer the history/tasks of my mikedavid@gaikai.com to my michael.a.david@gmail.com producteev account?


      Basically, I'd like to get rid of the mikedavid@gaikai.com account and use just the michael.a.david@gmail.com but

      not lose any of those tasks/histories.




      Thanks so much!


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          Hi Mike,


          Currently, there isn't a way to change your email address in Producteev, however, there is a work-around. You can create an account with your Gmail Emal address and invite that account to the network. That way, you can see the tasks in that network and access your projects.


          Hope that helps


          Account Support

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            Hi Nick,

            Thanks for the workaround!  I created a new account and invited my old account to the new account's network.

            Then I moved all the projects from the old network to the new account's network.

            Once all the projects were moved the new account's network, I removed all other users from the new account's network.


            My end goal is to consolidate all my tasks(active&completed) into 1 project.  So I can s


            Looks like I'm facing 2 issues.


            1.  When I'm logged in as the new account user, I can't move a task to another project if it wasn't created by the new account user.

            Inline image 1

            Inline image 2

            2.  If I were able to move that task, how can I easily move multiple tasks(active&completed) to another project.  With hundreds of tasks, I really don't want to move each task one-by-one. =/



            Thanks for your help!