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    "Keep me logged in"


      Although i keep ticking the box that says "keep me logged in", i keep having to supply user name and password. Anyone an idea how to make sure I really stay logged in?

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          Hope you are not using the Private Browsing functionality provided by your browser.

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              Hi Christa


              Did you get anywhere with this?  We have customers reporting the same on  I understand that they need to allow cookies to be created for the community and that there is a specific cookie created for the "keep me logged in" which seems to be the SPRING_SECURITY_REMEMBER_ME_COOKIE.  Or at least if I remove that it doesn't keep me logged in.


              Having said this that cookie seems to be there, not set to expire for at least a month, and still some users (not all of them) seem to be prompted to login again.  I'm still investigating at the moment but wondered if someone can shed any more light?




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              Have you checked to make sure your organization does not have IE settings that prevent cookies? You could try having IT whitelist the site so that it allows cookies from that specific domain.

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                I was told this is not a true KEEP ME LOGGED IN like you would expect. I've learned that this feature along allows you to stay logged in without experiencing the auto-log off after a set amount of time of being idle (30 minutes I think?). If you actually log out of the system you will need to reenter your credentials in order to get back in, unlike other websites that truly keep you logged in, even after you've logged out.