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    Integrating external data into jive



      We have an existing enterprise video mashup creation and delivery cloud platform. We have been looking at ways we could integrate content on our platform into various relevants bits in jive. We are looking at the following use cases -- and have a few questions in there.


      • Integrate with Activity Streams:
        • Push activities/notifications from our platform into jive using REST API
        • Have an app in embedded mode having relevant deep links to open the content in canvas mode
        • Play the video content in canvas mode (can we embed in iframe to play our content inside a jive app?)
        • Use action links to push relevant stuff onto our platforms (for example: likes/votes)
      • With Tiles:
        • Our platform keeps pushing activities to a configure purposeful place on jive
        • We have relevant tiles like search (on our platform) or feature content to keep the user engaged
      • Search:
        • When the user searches on jive, we also pull content from our platform and display in jive
        • Does jive have any hook to do this?


      Please let me know if I am making sense.




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          Hi Pranav!


          Most of this sounds feasible.



          • This works fine. My issue with the REST API is that you will need to use a system user for pushing activities as the REST API does not support impersonation at this point. For pushing activities you might also want to take a look at the Jive apps gateway
          • You can easily link/navigate from an embedded view to a canvas view. The regular navigation between views (navigateto) works fine here.
          • Yes, you can embed iFrames in a Jive app
          • Action links work fine for making calls to your backend. Of course you do need to implement signed request validation for your system.



          Your scenarios are good use cases for the use of tiles.



          This can currently not be done through the Jive apps framework. It is a common request, so I hope Jive will add this eventually.  This would require the development of a plugin. The out of the box option (opensearch) in Jive is very limited in regards to support and functionality, so I wouldn't spend to much time with it.

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