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    Custom Theme File Being Overwritten


      Hopefully someone in the community can answer this question because I'm stuck.


      We are currently running a hosted instance of Jive on version 6.0.3. I've been trying to modify the layout of the Actions page (/actions) by modifying the following file in our custom theme:




      As long as you load the /actions page directly the changes are loaded. You can go to the other pages listed in the left nav and come back to /actions and the changes are there.



      The issue I'm having occurrs when you load any of the other pages in the left nav (/welcome, /activity, etc.) first, then click the link to go to the /actions page. All of the custom changes that I've made to the action_queue.soy file are not getting loaded.



      It looks like the Jive system is loading the default file instead of the one from my custom theme.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this before? This is one of the last pages that I need to get changed for the community to be ready to go live.



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          Did you change the namespace / are your changes, added in a new template(in the same soy)?

          I had a similar issue, but with the Activity tab. The page loaded fine when Activity tab was selected. But when I clicked on, say Inbox and come back to Activity, the template customisations were lost.

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            Without being an expert at the underlying technology, I know soy templates result in code running both client and server-side.


            Could the older code version be "stuck" in cache in one or the other?


            Seeing a similar behavior rings a bell, even if I can't remember for sure all the details: I think I once encountered a similar problem once with new text resources {i18nText('...')} added in the code that would be found in a case, but not the other: I think it had to do with their namespace and the one imported at the top of the .soy file, but I'm recalling this off the top of my head, and I'm not even sure if that was really the issue.