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    Has anyone created a user merge tool?


      We recently did an import of thousands of users into Jive, and afterwards there were some users who were imported that did not synch up with the correct userID in our system. This has left us a handful of users with two personas, one the imported username and the other the correct existing username. Both users have content, since the imported user had content from another forum software. In the case of the imported we appended a prefix to the UID, ex: IMPORT:todd.miller and todd.f.miller.


      Has anyone else encountered this and has anyone written an update script or plugin to fix it?


      I am imagining entering a UID in the system for one user (imported ID) and entering another UID for the person you want them to merge with and combine all of the data, including permissions to spaces and groups etc.


      We eventually have to write this, but no reason to duplicate something if it has already been done.


      Ryan Rutan this has your name all over it!