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    User associated with the Plugin for Performing some action.




      I am working on a plugin that will take Image (viz Profile Image ) in Jive to be saved on a Windows Server (Access Administered) Folder.


      For testing Purpose, I tried to save the Image on the Server where Jive is Running. (like in Theme folder) and found the image to be Saved properly.

      But, When I changed the Destination Directory to  the Windows Server Location , and deployed the Plugin, I find that the Image File is not generating on the Destination location.


      Surprisingly, I don't receive any FileNotFound Exception as well when I  Deploy the plugin and use it. A success page is returned instead but the file is not found on the Destination Directory location.


      I tried to check, if its an access issue , by getting access to Destination Directory for my ID (ActiveDirectory ID) and running a Stand-Alone Java program  which Created a Sample File on the Windows Server Destination Directory  and it Created with out any issues.


      So the questions I now Face are :-


      1) How can I provide Similar access so that the Plugin I deploy Creates the file on Windows Server Destination Directory ?

      2) How to find out, What USER does the Jive System use for the Deployed Plugin ?  Is it same as the Technical-user used for LDAP etc ?